Report Changes to the Meetings List

Providing an accurate, up-to-date list of meetings an the Australian National Alcoholics Anonymous website is a vital part of our primary purpose.

Thank you for helping with this.

Add a New Meeting

If you are a member of AA and starting a new AA meeting in Australia, use this form to add the meeting Australian national AA website.

Report a change to an existing meeting

To report a change to an existing meeting, search for the meeting and view the details page for that meeting by clicking it’s title or the ‘See location map and all details’ button.
Then, at the bottom left of the page, there will be a button that says ‘Request a change to this listing’.

Fill in your name and email and, in the message field, tell us about the changes to the meeting.

Please be clear and precise about what aspects of the meeting need to be updated.

Report that a meeting is closing down

To report that a meeting is closing down permanently, follow the instructions above for reporting a change to an existing meeting. In the message field, put ‘Closing down permanently’.

Example for reporting a change to a meeting.
Example of how to report a change…